Why Sports Conference 2018
Delivering Positive Outcomes
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Why Sports 2018 Conference

08:00-09:00 Registration, Coffee and Networking
09:10-10:30 Morning Plenary Session 1
Chair`s Opening Address
  • A very warm welcome to the Why Sports 2018 Conference
Yvonne Harrison (confirmed)
Managing Director
Project `92
Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
  • Sporting Future Strategy 3 years in
  • What have we achieved 
  • Plans for 2019 and beyond 
Paul Oldfield (confirmed)
Director for Sport, Commonwealth Games and Gambling
Department of Digital Culture Media and Sport
Sport England
  • Towards an Active Nation - Lessons learned, surprises and partners 
  • What can we achieve in 2019? 
  • How has the sector responded to the strategy? 
Lisa O`Keefe (confirmed)
Director of Insight
Sport England
Happiness Is... A Weekly Dip In The Pool
  • How to improve the quality of aquatic experiences at leisure centres, as demonstrated in our Dementia Friendly Swimming project
  • How we are helping pools become more inclusive, to improve customers’ quality of life through tailored, progressive aquatic activity  
  • Why this is important: the evidence on the benefits of weekly aquatic activity and how this improves physical, mental and social wellbeing
Mrs Elaine McNish (confirmed)
Head of Health and Well-being
Swim England
Mr Damian Stevenson (confirmed)
Insight and Partnerships Director
Swim England
Headline Sponsor Presentation - Turning People with Dementia into Dedicated Athletes
  • “You’ve done what the doctors couldn’t”, resident living in long-term care. 
  • The magic of taking a ride in familiar surroundings and childhood memories
  • Focusing on abilities in stead of disabilities
  • Road Worlds for Seniors
Jan Inge Ebbesvik (confirmed)
President for the Road Worlds for Seniors
Stian Lavik (confirmed)
Motitech UK Ltd
10:20-10:30 Question and Answer Session
Opportunity to fire questions at our panel of experts
10:30-11:00 Morning Refreshments and Networking
Refreshments Served in the Atrium
11:00-12:30 Morning Plenary Session 2 - Positive Outcomes
Is It Time to Make a Difference for All?
  • A personal opportunity 
  • Providing Impairment specific opportunity 
  • Getting Disabled and Non-disabled people active together 
  • The time to change
Andy Dalby-Welsh (confirmed)
Deputy Chief Executive
Activity Alliance
Volunteering is the golden thread - How Manchester City Council, The Manchester NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, Universities and Greater Sport are Using Technology to Enable Volunteers to Build Stronger Communities
  • Volunteering must be a grassroots movement but it needs to be facilitated and enabled by the larger civil partners and technology.
  • The importance of building a volunteer eco-system - People want to help, you just have to know how to ask and make it easy for them.
  • How to reward and recognise those organisations and individuals to encourage long term change. 
Mr Chris Martin (confirmed)
Founder and Director
Get Set to Go phase 2 - Supporting the Sport and Physical Activity Sector to Embed Mental Health Into Your Work
  • Benefits of sport and physical activity on mental health
  • Update into the stats 
  • Building and sustaining relationships across the sector
  • Training and Awareness
Hayley Jarvis (confirmed)
Community Programme Manager
Out of Sight, Out of Mind! Getting Genuine Social Value Out of Discretionary Pricing and Leisure Card Schemes
  • Is what we are asking for from leisure card schemes, and operators, enough?
  • What do we measure…if anything?
  • What outcomes should we be aiming for and expect?
  • The social model of leisure provision
John Eady (confirmed)
Chief Executive
Knight, Kavanagh & Page
The Case For Exclusivity - Journey To Inclusivity 
  • This presentation examines the case for exclusive disability sports provision as a crucial step towards inclusivity.
  • The journey and the role exclusive sports provision can play in guiding individuals back to a full and rewarding, fully integrated life. 
Mr Kerl Haslam (confirmed)
What Are Effective Whistleblowing Arrangements?
  • Whistleblowing case studies from the Protect advice line
  • Current challenges in the Sports sector
  • Current industry practice on whistleblowing arrangements
  • Best practice and benchmarking effective whistleblowing arrangements
Francesca West (confirmed)
Chief Executive
12:30-13:15 Workshop Presentations
Data and Insight – How to use it to manage performance, improve programmes and secure investment (Guy Whittle Auditorium)
  • Managing Change. How to implement new data systems and processes, navigate the pitfalls and pain points and use to drive performance improvements.
  • Analysing primary data to improve programmes and outcomes for participants. Drawing on specific examples from Chance to Shines schools and Streets programmes
  • Securing investment. Using primary and open data to build a case for future investment at a local and national level
Tim Crabbe (confirmed)
Vanessa Greene (confirmed)
Impact and Evaluation Manager
Chance to Shine
Richard Joyce (confirmed)
Operations Manager
Chance To Shine
Creating a High Performing Board (Max Rayne Auditorium)
  • What’s wrong with the way we develop boards?
  • The top three board skills for a HPB–having conversations that matter, using psychology not power and creating a team of teams.
  • Developing board resilience.
Hazel Carter-Showell (confirmed)
Managing Director
Carter Corson
Sponsor to be confirmed. (Seminar Suite)


13:15-14:30 Lunch and Networking
Lunch and Networking
  • Food served in the Atrium 
14:30-15:15 Workshop Presentation 2
Sports Lighting that Pays for Itself (Guy Whittle Auditorium)
  • Getting lighting right in sporting venues is essential to the enjoyment and wellbeing of participants and spectators.
  • Reduced costs
  • Energy efficiencies.
  • Planning 
  • Installation
  • Management 
George Kaiafas (confirmed)
Managing Director
ZG Lighting UK Limited
Supporting a Community to Transform Itself Through Sport (Max Rayne Auditorium)
  • Hear directly from coaches and participants from the Greenhouse Programmes
  • Panel discussion on how sports coaching can aid social and emotional development
  • Share learning on how to build a positive community through sport
Mr Chris Allbut (confirmed)
Director of Programmes
Greenhouse Sports
John Herriman (confirmed)
Greenhouse Sports
Jason Sugrue (confirmed)
Head of Sports and Coaching
Greenhouse Sports
Rich Customer Feedback, The Key to Business Success(Seminar Suite)

Sport & Leisure organisations are becoming data rich but insight is poor as they struggle to make the most of their raw customer data. But what if there was a different way? What if it was easy to use customer feedback to make faster and more informed decisions? Decisions that help you reach, engage and retain more participants.
In this interactive workshop, you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to be asking for, and listening to, comments and feedback
  • How you can quickly make sense of raw text feedback
  • What current and potential customers want you to know about why they sign-up, come back and leave.
Paul Roberts (confirmed)
My Customer Lens
15:15-16:30 Afternoon Plenary Session - The Art of Engagement
The Role of Open Data in Tackling Physical Inactivity
  • Opening up the market of opportunities: How open data about sport & physical activities can help people become more active
  • Innovators and disruptors: Why startups and large technology solution providers are looking at new ways to engage people about physical activity
  • Enhancing sector value through data: How established sport and leisure providers, National Governing Bodies and local authorities are using open data for mutual benefit
Chris Pett (confirmed)
Head of Sector Programmes
Open Data Institute
Digital transformation: Meeting the Needs of Evolving Sport Strategies, Programmes and Outcomes
  • This presentation will look into the role of Upshot within The Football Foundation and its wider user base, focusing on;

  • How the need for digital transformation led to the development of Upshot by the Football Foundation
  • And exploring examples of how strategy and programme changes impact the way organisations leverage digital systems to collect insight and outcomes data
Joseph Flagg (confirmed)
Senior Consultant
Consumer Insight
Jane Frost (confirmed)
Market Reseach Society
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